First Sundays: December – Dr. Kliger and Lori Blumenstein-Bott LMSW with Mark S. Lee on 910AM Superstation’s “In the Conference Room”

For our last “First Sundays” show with Mark S. Lee on “In the Conference Room,” Dr. Kliger and Lori Blumenstein-Bott, LMSW were joined by the rest of the PsychAssets team, Sara Kliger, Syed Murtaza and David Trombly. As a team, they were able to further break down Dr. Kliger’s self-study model as well as the different approaches that are taken with their clients. Sara was able to share how bringing her expertise of Creative Arts Therapy into the Organizational Consultation work as well as her work with individuals has continued to allow for more of the self-study process to occur. Syed and David were able to share about PsychAssets’ family systems approach as well as their life mentoring work, all of which encompasses once again the need for looking inward as well as the need for our the PsychAssets team to work together. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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