PsychAssets’ mentoring programs are designed to provide support to individuals throughout their lives. Whether you are in school, work, or merely trying to get your life in sync, we will be there to assist by helping bridge the gap between your functional and emotional needs. PsychAssets is a human investment organization; we will help you realize your goals by investing in your potential.

Psych Assets' Life Mentoring


  • Create a roadmap from thought to action
  • Provide an approach specifically tailored to you, your life, and your experiences
  • Help you build an internal toolbox to empower you in addressing the many changes we all face throughout our lives
  • Provide support in accomplishing daily tasks even though faced by constant transitions and uncertainty
  • Provide a full range of support as needed through the Psych Assets’ team of professionals including therapists, psychiatrists, yoga/meditation professionals, and academic tutors – who may be the same individual as your Life Mentor
  • Help you to recognize and realize your capacity for a life based on strength and hope
  • Maintain a consistent schedule to maximize progress
  • Meet at locations that will minimize stressors and optimize impact on your life
  • Provide feedback and assure the utmost in accountability and follow through
  • Be on-call for emergencies