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As a trusted and thoughtful reader, I am offering this heartfelt work to you so that together we can begin to cultivate a fresh conversation about valuing all human life, valuing the breadth of our human experiences and passing on a faith and confidence in the power of the HEART, in its intuitive wisdom, to guide us most effectively to be more conscious of each precious life, to take and to give with care, with respect, and with awareness of our collective, interwoven interdependence … our inevitable and reciprocal ongoing support of each other. Know that I am with you on this Self-Study journey…

Who This Book Is For

“Power your Heart…” is designed to embrace everyone that is seeking a deeper awareness of themselves and in this journey the quest to build a bridge to others. Leaders, Professionals, Parents, students and you!

Praise for “Power your Heart…”

“What a glorious book! Dr. Kliger’s ability to put in so many thought provoking messages, so beautifully illustrated is astounding. “Power your Heart…You power your Mind” is a must read. You’ll be buying this book for others as you won’t give your ‘dog-eared’ paged book away. Not only beautifully illustrated, each page has a message to elevate you to your next level of personal growth. This short read is perfect for the busy soul who yearns for more. Well done, Dr. Kliger!”

Marja Norris, a leader in business and financial advising, is the bestselling author of The Unspoken Code, A Businesswoman’s No-Nonsense Guide to Making It in the Corporate World.


“You read, you look, you think very deeply, you write your reaction and then you begin to truly understand your feelings. This is a remarkable journey into clarifying what makes you the person you are and to reach for bettering your life and that of others.”

Randy Rubin, trailblazer in the Textile Industry, the founder and Co-Chairman of Crypton, LLC, a leading innovator of sustainable performance fabric technology for healthcare, hospitality, institutions and homes for decades.


“Paula Kliger’s book is a bold, innovative and inspiring extension of a psychoanalytic sensibility into previously uncharted territory. Integrating as she does verbal and visual modalities, Dr. Kliger’s creative version of the psychoanalytic experience is well suited to connect with, and to help, many previously unreached people.”

Neil Altman, PhD, psychologist and psychoanalyst, and the author of the widely acclaimed book: The Analyst In the Inner City: Race, Class, Culture Through A Psychoanalytic Lens.


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