Mindful Moment

Upcoming Group Series

We are excited to announce that starting in the fall, PsychAssets will have a new virtual group entitled, the “Power Your Heart Mindfulness Group” which will be led by Dr. Kliger on Thursday evenings. This group will be based on Dr. Kliger’s book, “Power Your Heart, You Power Your Mind: Self Study then Build a Bridge to Someone.” To stay up to date on registration details, sign up to be the first to receive additional updates and information!


Weekly Discussion Groups

Check back for more information on our latest support group.

  • Adolescent Road to Self Determination

A year round weekly group designed to help young people 13 – 17 better deal with the challenges of physical, emotional and social growth, identity development and formation of enduring and meaningful relationships.

  • Young Adults at Transition

A year round weekly group, focused on creating a roadmap for young adults.

  • Parent to Parent

A 12 week group designed to help parents better understand and deal with development issues and familial crisis.

  • Women in Transition / Men in transition

Gender based groups focused on self-study.

  • New Mothers

A bi-weekly group focusing on the exploration of the Psychological and Developmental journey for mother and baby.

  • Sibling Group