We are Human First Podcast: Episodes 11 & 12

Have you been listening to our podcast, We are Human First? Now is the perfect time to start, as we are proud to share our most recent releases of our two-part series, “Pivot to Resiliency.” In this series, we are joined by special guest Diane Wilson, who is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and is known for her work on the Good Brain Blog as she is certified in neurofeedback.

In these episodes, we discuss the power of the brain and how we can adjust our mindsets in order to pivot towards change and growth. Through our own real-life experiences and traumas, we have been able to discover our resiliency through these pivots over time. Join us in this conversation and let us know any thoughts or reflections that come up for you after you listen!


Listen below or visit https://wearehumanfirst.simplecast.com/ for previous episodes.


Episode 12: https://wearehumanfirst.simplecast.com/episodes/the-shift-to-transformational-change-and-growth