Pivot to Resiliency: The Shift To Change

Episode 11 from the We Are Human First Podcast featuring Clinical Psychologist Dr. Paula Kliger and Therapist Lori Blumenstein-Bott.

Today, Dr. Paula Christian Kliger and Lori Blumenstein-Bott are joined by licensed clinical professional counselor Diane Wilson. Diane is certified in neurofeedback and her work overlaps with the work of Psych Assets.

Diane explains how she’s always been interested in the brain, and how a car accident and resulting traumatic brain injury further ignited her passion. Shifting and pivoting have been key parts of her work, and that’s never been more relevant than now.

As an example, the group discussed some technical issues they had setting up today’s podcast, and how they battled through and remained resilient through them.  This allowed them to stay focused and record the show.  Diane explains “active control” and  some “in the moment” things you can do to remain focused.

Diane explains neuroscience, neurofeedback, and brain scans – and how they can help her clients “unfold their brains.”  This can help with both mental and physical health issues.


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