Coping With Our Collective Trauma

Today, Dr. Paula Christian Kliger is joined by her daughter Sara Kliger, a licensed creative arts therapist and registered drama therapist.

In future episodes of this series, Paula and Sara will cover generation and race issues, but today the focus is on trauma and crisis.  What is their collective impact on us, and how do we cope moving forward?

Sara takes us through some of her background, working in New York City schools and as part of the Psych Assets team.  She’s able to use the arts- drama, music, and spoken word – as a way of healing.  Much of today’s trauma is being experienced collectively, and there’s a degree of solace in that.  Sara explains how important it’s been to connect with teachers, parents, and children – even remotely.

Paula and Sara also talk about the success of their virtual therapy sessions, with participants joining from New York to California, and many places in between. This fits with the both the self study model and the need to have a shared experience.


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