Across The Generations: Reflections On Leadership

Today we have all three of our hosts come together for a discussion on leadership, as Dr. Paula Kliger, Lori Blumenstein-Bott and Sara Kliger share their experience and perspective.

Sara, as a millennial, talks about her role as a leader in organizations, and how she has had to grow into that role. Paula and Lori then talk about how they’ve grown from that same early point in their careers to where they are now.

One thing that these two baby boomers and one millennial have in common is that they are all women. Sometimes that affects leadership when a work-life balance and societal pressures enter into the picture. Paula shares a personal moment from Sara’s childhood that had an effect on her personally.

Collaboration, listening, and sharing are all key aspects of leadership, This brings us back to the self-study model. We must look back at our past experiences – in and out of the office – to gain a more informed picture of who we are and how we can lead others. Mindfulness is so important.


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