What Are You Grateful for in Your Career?

By Lori Blumenstein-Bott, LMSW

Becoming a social worker was not a choice for me. It was a culmination of experiences early on that led me to the career. I think this is so true for many of us as we find ourselves drawn to experiences that become passions and move us in a way that feeds our souls.

When I think about the concept of passion and soul energy, I am speaking about a life that is driven by finding a meaningful way to contribute to those we connect with everyday. Over the years, I have grown as a social worker, mother, daughter, sister, and, most of all, a human being. This did not happen randomly, but purposefully, through both positive and negative experiences.

In my current work, I am engaging in a way that is so different than my early career experiences. Why? I chose to not only keep learning from a educational journey but to add the significant introspective work personally. Meaning, looking within myself and taking my own therapeutic journey in order to strengthen my ability to bridge to others.

I firmly believe that in order to do real work with our clients, we must do our own work. That affirmation led me to my colleague Dr. Paula Christian Kliger. Finding soul energy is both from the work and WHO we work with! I can honestly say that this connection drives our abilities to be the best versions of ourselves.

Living as a social worker is who I am at my core. I do not turn it on and off, I do not choose when to use it.

I find real opportunities every day to be the open being that fuels not only myself but hopefully those around me.

It has been a long time since I entered this practice. I am grateful for my foundational education at the University of Michigan, my work experiences, and most of all, the people that I have connected with over the years both professionally and personally. I know my life is richer for all of these touch points.

As we take time to reflect on our individualized professional journeys, may we all take time to look back at our own contributions and the important work that is being done everyday by our colleagues.

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