Power Your Heart…You Power Your Mind book

Power Your Heart…You Power Your Mind


I am excited to share my new book: Power your Heart…You power your Mind!

Using illustration and words, I have created an opportunity to explore the power of self-study, self-discovery and self-understanding.

I hope you will trust yourself to carve your own path with Power your Heart…You power your Mind, to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

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Self-study then Build A Bridge to Someone. An Illustration-Guided Life Journey … In Practice.

As a trusted and thoughtful reader, I am offering this heartfelt work to you so that together we can begin to cultivate a fresh conversation about valuing all human life, valuing the breadth of our human experiences and passing on a faith and confidence in the power of the HEART, in its intuitive wisdom, to guide us most effectively to be more conscious of each precious life, to take and to give with care, with respect, and with awareness of our collective, interwoven interdependence … our inevitable and reciprocal ongoing support of each other.


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